1. How does the Sunapee Heritage Alliance differ in its mission from the Sunapee Historical Society and Project Sunapee, two established local nonprofit organizations?
    • The Historical Society has existed for over 40 years as the caretaker of the artifacts & treasures belonging to our town and as operators of the Historical Society Museum.
    • Project Sunapee’s focus is to encourage community bonds and to lend a hand when local projects need a boost. 
    • The new non-profit, Sunapee Heritage Alliance, is about “place” – the buildings, the views, the landmarks that define our community. Our primary focus will be on restoration and finding ways to keep historic buildings vibrant and valued. 
  2. Why is it important to have another nonprofit organization in town?
    • The work we plan to do will require a completely different  mission and while we look forward to much collaboration, each organization needs their core of volunteers to fulfill their goals.
  3. Who owns the Harbor House Livery Building now?
    • The Sunapee Harbor Riverway Corporation owns the property and they have leased it to Sunapee Heritage Alliance, a 501-c-3 nonprofit corporation.
  4. Why would we invest in the livery when there is nothing much to do in the harbor during the cold winter months?
    • Our board believes a shuttered harbor from November through April can be a thing of the past. When we invest in the Livery and establish commercial activity all year ‘round then restaurants and shops will follow.
  5. What happened to the Thrift Shop?
    • In 2017 the Thrift Shop relocated to the old Abbott Library building. They will share that facility with the Sunapee Historical Archives. 
  6. How will the building be used during the planning phase?
    • Sunapee Heritage Alliance will encourage use for meetings and events. A fee will be charged to help cover the annual carrying costs of the building.
  7. Why is the architectural and cultural heritage of the livery so important to our community?
    • The character of a town is reflected in its architecture, so the story of Sunapee’s past is seen through its buildings.  Valuing our history creates a sense of pride about who we are and how we got here. The Livery is the last standing commercial structure related to the steamboat era.
  8. Who will decide on the future plans for the Livery?
    • The board of Sunapee Heritage Alliance will work with the people of Sunapee through focus groups and advisory committees – Sign up now to for updates and a meeting schedule.
    • 9. Will the Riverwalk remain open to the public?
      • Yes, community access to the Riverwalk is guaranteed for the people of Sunapee in the property deed.

      10.  Will the horse ramp be preserved?

    • The deed to the property mandates that the ramp be preserved.
  9. How will this impact my life and the lives of my family and neighbors?
    • The restoration of the Livery will bring pride, revitalization and opportunity to Sunapee Harbor. Our plan will incorporate local appeal and community access so there will be ways for everyone to benefit .
  10. How will information be shared about this project?
    • Our website will be the primary source and we will notify our Email contacts when posts about progress are available on our site. 
  11. How do I sign up for the contact list?
  12. I have some ideas about the plan, how do I contact Sunapee Heritage Alliance?
  13. I’d like to make a donation to help with carrying costs during the planning stage, how do I do that?