Listen to the Clock Chime here …

Restoration efforts have been completed on the clock at the Harbor Livery.

Sunapee Heritage Alliance and Sunapee Harbor Riverway extend their heartfelt thanks to the people of Sunapee who set aside funds through the years to guarantee that the clock would be restored. We will keep it good working order from this point on and hope you enjoy the lovely old fashioned chime on the hour throughout each day ….just as our community has for over 90 years.

In 1926, Moses Knowlton, a local businessman, gifted the clock and cupola to Sunapee when the Harbor Livery served as the town fire station. The clock chimes beautifully on the hour and presents the time from every direction.
The people of Sunapee had generously reserved funds over the last few years through warrant articles to fund the clock restoration and repair the cupola. The responsibility to maintain this architectural treasure will run with the deed for the Harbor Livery building, ensuring that it will be preserved.

In the 1970s, the top section of the weathervane was reportedly stolen.  Antique weathervanes are quite valuable and many towns experienced similar thefts. We would appreciate hearing any stories or reports about the disappearance of the weathervane.
And among our goals, is a campaign to fund a replacement for the weathervane top and restore the lighting around the clock faces.